Equipment Trailers 21' Dovetail 10,400 gross with 14,000 lb tires

21' flatbed with dove tail optional splash bangboard
outrigger jacks 5,000 lb Steel grate for traction and support on dove tail

 Longer front frame for easy backing and space for tool box

 10 digit waterproof LED lights
 deck is welded to eliminate boards from cracking
 2 5/16 adjustable couplar for level towing. Spare mount due to longer tounge
8,000 lb dead foot jack with drop leg
 Winch mount receiver reinforced on stop rail
 all trailers have stakepockets for racks
5,000 lb outriggers and Steel grate dovetail for safe loading 

 Grip strut ramps with locks to eliminate ramps from sliding while loading
 Ramp holders on side and back
 custom bang boards made for stopping debris from hitting cargo
 Grate dove tail for safe and strong loading
manual hydrallic jack tilt

 Ramps are grip strut galvanized with solid steel tube reinforced
 Longer neck enables easy backing and tool box storage
 Grip strut ramps slide under tool box storage
removable winch mount