New for 2023 -24 22' Equipment trailer 14,000 GVW! Or 10,400 gvw or 22' Deckover Equipment trailer with 14,000 GVW or 10,400 GVW


22' Equipment Trailer 14,000gvw or 10,400gvw


22' Deckover Equipment trailer 

14,000gvw or 10,400gvw

w/ 12" Longer Tongue and 6' Box Platform


22' Equipment Trailer with 12" longer tongue and NEW, larger 6 'box platform 
New extra long tongue, One Foot longer, big tool box platform 6' x 28"
Regular Price $595 Sale $0 That is right, no charge

m&m is the only trailer builder who puts 10 ply 16" high speed steel radial tires gross 14,000 lbs
on a 10,400 GVW trailer. 15" will not cut it!!

Ramp storage under box platform(new 6' wide platform)

5,000 lb outriggers (jacks on rear)  with grease zerks (standard equipment)
65 hp Kubota with oversized tires no problems loading

Kiln dried fir deck from Pyramid Lumber (Montana)

room to spare 

Side by sides with room to spare even more room on new XL tongue

Heavy duty ramps 3 inch channel with extra cross members or
Grip strut galvanized with extra traction for no slip loading

                               drop leg deadfoot jack is set back so tailgate will open

Grip strut galvanized ramps with 1" inch steel rods to deter bending

Your choice of color

                                              outrigger jacks 5,000 lb with grease zerks
                                         Steel grate for traction and support on dove tail

                                     Longer front frame for easy backing and space for tool box

                                         10 diode waterproof LED lights-guaranteed to work

                                          deck is welded in sections to eliminate boards from cracking
                                                          * no screws in our deck*
 2 5/16" adjustable 14,000 lb coupler for level towing. Spare mount due to longer tongue
                                      8,000 lb dead foot jack with drop leg with grease zerk

                                         Winch assist  mount receiver reinforced on stop rail
                                                all trailers have stakepockets for wood racks
                          5,000 lb outriggers with grease zerk and steel grate dovetail for safe loading 

                  Grip strut ramps with locks to eliminate ramps from sliding while loading
                                               Ramp holders on side and back

Steel Grate dove tail for safe and strong loading with choice of, ramps same price


                                                 Truck box for locking tie down straps 
                                                   Tool box for secure tool storage 

 Ramps are grip strut galvanized with solid steel tube reinforced

                                    Longer neck enables easy backing and tool box storage
Grip strut ramps slide under tool box storage

                                                              removable winch mount
                             widest trailer in industry for full size equipment and trucks
                        Tough Fenders made out of diamond plate MOFO Pat can stand on
                                                 Winch assist on bang board
                                  Custom Winch made inside tool box to eliminate theft

NEW 2023 Raft & Atv Trailers 10',12', and 14' Super Raft /motorcycle Shuttle trailer

 We are the best Quality lowest price.
Now available 12',14' Super raft/motorcycle/atv  combination trailers

New 14' Super Raft/Motorcycle shuttle trailer
14' Super Raft /motorcycle trailer comes with dry box platform, motorcyle platforms, electric brakes, 4 inch channel frame, 15" 6 ply high speed radial tires, wider axle for stability, 8,000 lb high lift drop leg

Motorcycle shuttle raft/atv combination 10',12',14' available.

: M&M is only manufactor to include 80" deck with  6 ply steel spare tire, roller jack, D- rings, stakepockets, loops for tieing off, strap guide, independent rollers, deck stained with Behr oil stain, water proof  LED 10 digit lights, 3500 lb dexter e-z lube axle and dry box platform.
 Long neck model painted NRS blue with the widest rollers in Northwest for easy loading
pick-up tail gate will fold down & hatch back will lift
 Rustoleum Assorted colors available
Note: long neck far picture will hold 16' raft with room to spare
6' atv ramps stow under the deck for  easy loading side or back

8"roller jack for easy moving,

We Stack your trailers no charge to bring home a buddy a trailer

Battery for  electric winch mount
Fender up model on left or deckover long neck models